Get Started with Apex Development on

Journey to become a Certified Technical Architect (CTA)
The architect track is geared towards those who design solutions both
within and across domain areas. The CTA exam is the most rigorous exam
that Salesforce offers. Of the over 50,000 certified Salesforce professionals
in the world, less than 300 are CTAs, read more about it here

What does a Salesforce Developer do?
A Salesforce Developer specializes in using the Lightning
and Apex programming languages to design and implement
solutions within the context of the Salesforce platform.

Who is eligible to enroll in this course?
Any individual with basic knowledge in any Programming
Language (Java, C#, JavaScript, Python or similar)

About the course
It is a 4-weeks course. Starting from 9.Jan. 2020 every Tuesday and Thursday
from 5 pm. to 9 pm.


IT STEP Academy, ul. Alabin 58, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia


English (if at least one Non-Bulgarian speaking is attending the course, otherwise Bulgarian)


  1. Salesforce Basics

  2. Database Modeling

  3. Declarative Development Basics

  4. Apex Object-Oriented Development

  5. Front-End Development Basics

  6. Testing & Debugging

  7. Deployment Tools

On top of the course

  • We will share with you implementation best practices

  • You can network with other Trailblazers like you

  • You can find a learning partner for the Platform Developer I Certificate

  • You will have practical work, based on real-world scenarios


750€ (inc. VAT)
(We have 5 places to attend the course for free if you spend 4 days volunteering with the content in the academy. For more information read 1.7 of the Terms & Conditions or get in touch with us.)